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The Definition of an Annotated Bibliography

Unlike a regular bibliography or works cited page, an annotated bibliography also includes a brief summary by the author of a paper, a discussion of its importance and it relevance to the topic being explored. The purpose of an annotated bibliography is that it allows the writer to discern which resources s/he should explore and which should be dismissed as being irrelevant. Its use also extends to readers, so that they may determine if a piece of research is relevant to their work/project. Annotated bibliographies are generally written as the research has been read and assessed for relevance. The summary is usually around 150 words, provides a summary, a comments on its importance, and, occasionally, a brief evaluation.

The Complexity of an Annotated Bibliography

Depending on the instructor, the annotated bibliography may be included when the student submits his/her final written paper for evaluation, or the student may be required to submit the annotated bibliography during an approval process, during which the uses of specific sources must be justified.

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