Crafting the Perfect Resume for You

A lot goes into preparing a great resume, and we leave no “stone unturned” when producing one for a client. Here is how the process works:

  • Once you contact us, or access our order form on our website, we will be adamant that you provide every bit of information possible. We cannot make decisions about structure, sequence, and design until we have this.
  • Your project will be sent over to our resume writing/design staff for their full analysis before the most appropriate writer is assigned. We match your career field with a resume writer who has personal expertise in that field and who understands what related companies and organizations are looking for.
  • Because there will be a need for lots of communication between you and your writer, we have set up a system for direct conversation. You will have a personal account portal on our site that allows your writer to request more information and that allows you to make contact whenever you want to add more detail or check on progress.
  • You will receive drafts during the process, via your portal, and we ask that you review them and respond to your writer quickly. Our goal is to have your perfect resume in your hands by your deadline parameters, so it is crucial that you stay in contact with us!
  • Your writer and a design associate may present you with several options, and you are free to select one or more with which you are thrilled. And you are free to request multiple resumes, depending upon the need to highlight specific experience and to have varied designs. All of this is within our skill set – we want you to have everything you need and want!

Resume Writing is Best Left to the Experts

You may be great at what you do; you may have a superb educational background and GPA; you may have lots of really good experience under your belt. If you cannot translate all of that into a resume that literally shines before the eyes of an employment decision-maker, however, all of it is for naught – you will not get an interview.

At, we understand what it takes to create resumes that will result in interviews – we do this every day, and we have the HR pros and the designers to ensure that every resume that leaves our doors to a client is unique and exceptional. It will not look or read like any others that sit in large piles on office desks, waiting to be noticed. When that pile is finally accessed, and your personally crafted document is in it, yours will be one that is set aside for further consideration.

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